Wednesday 20th of March

All the craft beer…..



Tuesday 19th of March

Vegan Gluten free Mac n cheese for dinner, I’m not vegan but I love experimenting with the different substitute recipes out there. People are so creative, honestly this tasted pretty much the same!


Friday 15th of March

When you don’t have to edit the image.

The perfect sunset over the city.

I think it’s important to pay tribute to Christchurch after today’s terror attack, I count my blessings that Melbourne has never experienced anything of that extreme. I’ll never understand how you can have so much hatred for a religion/race even an individual.

Everyone is just trying to make their way in this world & too see so many loose their lives, their family and friends , all due to hatred is disgusting and devastating. Not even just today, but everyday, anywhere in the world. It needs to end.

Just love one another and be kind to each other.