Grief is a funny thing, it hits you, when you wouldn’t think.

The planet lost a beautiful soul today, and although I’d only met her a handful of times. I’m grieving.grieving for my friends who lost a housemate, grieving for her family, who I never met. Grieving for her partner , who only ever prayed for the best.

At the same time in the midst of all this grief , I feel ashamed. Why should I be grieving, I’ve only ever had a few drinks a couple of times with this girl. I don’t really know her, she didn’t really know me. There are people whose hearts are breaking, parents who’ll never see their daughter again, a partner who’ll never feel their embrace. Why am i grieving? This is selfish.

I don’t know how grief works. I don’t have the answers….but Steph the world will miss you.

Our country is burning.


  1. Theres 303 individual bushfires happening across our states & territories
  2. 5.9million hectares are on fire, thats more than the Amazon fires & California fires. Bigger than Belgium & Luxembourg combined.
  3. 500million members of our wildlife community gone.
  4. 2 states, Victoria & NSW have been declared states of emergency.
  5. 4 months since the first ones started, & it’s estimate another 2 before the rainfall we desperately need arrives.
  6. 70 metre high flames, bigger then the Sydney Opera house.
  7. 800km, the estimated length of the frontline in NSW.
  8. When combined the length of our fires could reach Afghanistan.
  9. 20 people confirmed dead , officially.
  10. 1 holiday for our prime minister….

(All stats gathered from numerous reports).

Australia’s on fire.

Friday 3rd of January

A post for awareness.

Australia is on fire, we’ve lost over 500million wildlife, decimating our koala population.

Acres of native Bushland destroyed, burned to the ground, countless communities uprooted or for some no longer there.

Lives have been lost, homes destroyed.

Fires have been raging since August and we still have 2 months of heat to go. Local fire services have been pushed to brink, not enough resources, not enough help from the government.

Where even is our government?

Twas ment to be the season to be jolly, but for millions it was a season of fleeing, searching for safety.

Were Australian, we deal with bushfires but this year has been catastrophic. Our cities are blanketed in smoke, despite being KMs away from the fires across the country.

This isn’t a post to gain sympathy, I’m a lucky one living in the city, for my friends and others, it’s a different story. This is a post to gain awareness. To let the world know, Australia’s on fire.

(All images sourced from numerous news reports)


Wednesday 1st of January

Happy new year! I was supposed to stop this on December 31st, but apparently..according to the maths I missed 2 days. How can I count down to 365 but leave on 363, so you’ve got me for at least one other post (after this one..duh).

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season.. new year , new you right?